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Journal geosymbolists "Scorpion"
To readers of magazine the Scorpion

Dear friends. In the letters you ask: what does geosymbolism mean for me? First, I am assured. That searches of new symbolics it is that way which will deduce the modern literature from deadlock. Secondly, geosymbolism is an opportunity to communicate with interesting thinking people. With you, dear friends. Searches and dialogue. More than it is enough two these values to explain and justify existence of geosymbolism.

                                                          Leonid Shimko


The manifest of new decadence.

   We, geosymbolists declare revival of decadence! Till now Russian decadence of the beginning of the twentieth century is characterized as " decomposition and decline ". We declare, that these characteristics are false. Russian decadence is not the decline, but steps of the best part of the intelligentsia from the basic layer of Russian culture shackled by realism...


Dear friends. You are on the main page of the Internet literary magazine of geosymbolists "Scorpion". The magazine publishes the works of the geosymbolists.

   Geosymbolism is a contemporary literary trend, continuing traditions of symbolism of the beginning of 20 century. The founder of geosymbolism is the writer, the poet and playwright Leonid Shimko. Geosymbolists Leonid Shimko, Evgenie Gornyj and Расуль Ягудин live in Russia. Geosymbolist Jury Tuboltsev lives in Germany. We write everytning in Russian. The most part of our products is published on the site of geosymbolists «Moy bereg». Here, on pages of magazine " Scorpion " - are our products which we could translate into English. We have translated ourselves. Perhaps something was lost and  translation is not skillful enough. But, we hope, the basic ideas remain. After all, the idea is not so easy to be killed. Read the prose and poetry of geosymbolists. We invite writers, poets, artists, playwrights all over the world to join us in the literary trend.

    Force is in symbols.

    Here is the library of Symbols. Base Library are Articles about the Russian symbolism. Being translated into English for the first time it includes links to the original.

                        Leonid Shimko



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